The holiday season comes with many concerns for homeowners. Whether guests visit during the winter season or the homeowner spends time by him/herself, there’s no escaping the cold weather. During harsh winter seasons, keeping a home heated at desired levels supports both comfort and safety. Cost considerations may arise, as running a furnace comes with unavoidable bills.

In general, there are ways to heat a home “a little better.” Here are some ideas to think about.

Avoid Clutter Near the Furnace

When expecting guests, you may think about their safety and move objects out of the bathroom, living room, and other areas. Since few people may walk near or around the furnace, the area becomes a preferred spot for storage. That could turn out to be a drastic and dangerous mistake. Putting anything flammable near the furnace might turn into a tragedy, which is why cluttering the heater area seems like an awful plan. Better to be safe and keep the area clear of clutter. You’ll sleep easier for it.

Put a New Filter Into the Furnace

If the furnace’s filter is both old and dirty, putting a new one in its place seems advisable. An old furnace presents air quality concerns, and exposing guests or family to poor indoor air quality doesn’t seem festive. Also, the furnace could suffer operational issues when relying on an old furnace.

Ultimately, an old furnace filter should go the minute it ceases to do its job. Hopefully, you won’t end up stuck at the last minute. Requesting a thorough cleaning from an HVAC company could prevent problems before they arise. [Company_name] wants to help Oak Harbor and nearby residents with their heating concerns. Heating installation, repair, and maintenance work are available.

Adjusting the Temperature

When you raise or lower the temperature, the heat level changes accordingly. Did you know other factors could lead to the temperature rising upwards? Cooking meals on the stove and in the oven will contribute to a temperature increase. A large gathering of people might even make the interior a bit warmer. One way to deal with the potentially uncomfortable problem involves lowering the thermostat. If you have a programmable smart thermostat, you could set the temperature to a preferred setting in advance.

Changing the Overhead Fan Settings

When a fan spins, it circulates air inside the home. Ceiling fans become popular summer solutions when temperatures rise. Did you know the fans have value during the colder months? If a ceiling fan has a “reverse” setting, the fan may direct hot air downwards. Support from the ceiling fan could allow you to lower the thermostat settings, saving some money on heating costs.

What if there isn’t an overhead fan? Maybe now might be the time to think about installing one. A ceiling fan could provide some added cooling and heating support capable of giving the HVAC system at least a partial break. Running the system less frequently or at less than full power might reduce wear and tear and, hopefully, could extend the life of the system.

Try to Address Drafts

Drafts cause problems throughout the year, and the holiday season may prompt you to address the problem. Issues with the windows, for example, might bring some unwanted cold air into the home. Besides making guests potentially uncomfortable, drafts lead to a harder-working furnace and more costly bills. A home improvement retail store may have solutions for reducing drafts from doors and windows. Even a slight improvement could help, but seeking a professional energy audit could be a wise decision.

Other solutions may be more complex. Insulating the attic could come with more effort and cost, but the results might make everything worth it.

Request a Complete Inspection

Requesting an annual inspection allows a skilled HVAC technician to determine if there’s anything wrong with the furnace. Sometimes, a problem may arise that isn’t readily noticeable. However, the issue could undermine a furnace’s performance. By addressing the problem before the holidays and the upcoming cold season, a homeowner may become better prepared.

Sometimes, a critical problem could lead to the furnace dying. Why deal with an emergency problem when preventive maintenance could fix things before they get worse?

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December 19, 2020 7:07 pm