There are many benefits to having clean windows in your home or office, and improving the energy efficiency of a building is one of them. Getting regular cleanings for your windows could be a great investment in your property. Whether you live in an environment where rain splatters on your windows and leaves marks, or there’s dust blowing in the air, window cleaning is critical.

Let in More Sunlight

Getting the dirt off of your windows can let in more sunlight. This is especially important in the winters when passive solar heating can add a lot of energy to your home. Not having spots of dirt all over the glass can also provide higher-quality light in your building and make for a better environment. The dirt can reflect and refract the light so that it doesn’t make it into your home to help heat it.

Protect Your Window

Energy-efficient windows have coatings on them to reduce their ability to transfer heat. It does this by minimizing the convection and conduction that occurs through a window when there is a temperature differential. Since heat loss through windows often contributes up to 30% of the total heat loss from a residential building, keeping this film intact is important. The buildup of dirt and debris can damage this film. Once this covering is compromised, it won’t work as effectively as before and can cause your energy bills to increase both in the summer and winter.

Your Heating and Cooling Specialists

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September 15, 2019 4:17 pm