Furnace Maintenance in Oak Harbor, WA

When purchasing a furnace in Oak Harbor, it is important to check on efficiency. Often, furnaces are purchased during the winter season to help keep homes cozy and warm. For best results, you should familiarize yourself with various types of furnaces and choose the best one for you.

Different types of furnaces are designed to use different fuel types to heat your home. Furnaces can either use electricity, natural gas, or oil fuel to produce heat. These three types of sources each have their advantages and disadvantages. It is important to consider the region you live in to determine which type of furnace you wish to purchase.

Factors to Consider to Get the Best Results From Your New Furnace

Often, furnaces are bought during the winter season. When looking for a furnace to purchase, you want one that offers the best value. Therefore, to get top-notch quality from your furnace, you need to consider the following factors.


Before purchasing any new furnace, you must consider your region. Some furnaces work better in some regions than others. Furnaces with an Energy Star certification are ranked best in cost-efficiency and savings.

If you reside in mild climate regions like the Southern parts of the United States where there are sometimes freezing temperatures, you need to get a furnace with a U.S. South ENERGY STAR stamp. A gas furnace should have an 80 annual fuel utilization efficiency. You may also consider heat pumps if you are living in a region where the temperature does not exceed 40 degrees.

For those in cold and freezing climatic regions, you will need a fan with high heating power. Be vigilant when checking for the furnace efficiency standards. Ensure the AFUE rating of your furnace is 90 or higher.

Furnace Type

The most popular type of furnace is the gas furnace that comes in three different forms:

  • Modulation gas furnace: This type of gas furnace is the best in heat regulation. It is often used by homeowners in colder regions for even and efficient regulation of room temperatures.
  • Two-stage gas furnace: This furnace has a high efficiency rating because of its ability to adjust the gas flow from low to high and vice versa. The furnace is connected to a thermostat for temperature regulation.
  • Electric furnaces: Generally, an electric furnace is more expensive compared to the gas type. Air passes through the electric coils for heating before it’s distributed to your house.
  • Oil furnaces: This type of furnace is suitable for homeowners with no access to any other fuel type.


The size of your furnace is an important consideration when installing a furnace around your home. Your furnace’s size should be directly proportionate to the size of your home for effectiveness and efficiency. If you have a small home and purchase a big furnace, you will waste a lot of money on fuel. When considering size, take note of insulation, your home’s ventilation, ceiling height, and square footage. You may also look for professional guidance from an HVAC contractor.

Fuel Source

Gas is the preferred type of fuel source because of its cost-efficiency and availability. Gas furnaces also tend to be more affordable to purchase and install. They’re not as messy as oil furnaces either. However, you can opt for an oil furnace if you cannot get gas delivered to your area. For example, natural gas is generally not available to rural areas. Electric furnaces, though the cheapest in installation and purchase, are not efficient in heating large homes.

Energy Efficiency

For efficiency comparison, it is required by the Federal Trade Commission that your furnace has an AFUE rating. This will help you know your furnace’s annual heat output so that you can compare the total energy consumed annually. Electric furnaces are highly recommended for efficiency since they have a 95-100 AFUE rating.

If you are purchasing a furnace in cold climatic regions, ensure the AFUE of your furnace is not less than 90. If you live in a mild region, you’ll still want the AFUE rating to exceed 80.

Furnace Reviews

Before purchasing any furnace, it is important to know about users’ and customer reviews. You can also get clarity from your HVAC contractor.

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