Heat Pumps in Langley, WAWhen you need to find service for a heat pump in Langley, WA, turn to Island Heating & Air Conditioning. We’re your local experts, and we provide heat pump system installations, repairs, and scheduled maintenance. Many people use heat pumps in Washington State because they are energy-efficient. In fact, heat pumps provide one and a half to three times more heat energy than they consume in electricity. Here in Langley, it usually doesn’t get bitter cold and stay well below freezing, so heat pumps can provide all of your heating and cooling needs throughout the year. This is another way heat pumps save money; you don’t have to maintain separate heating and cooling systems.

Heat Pump Services in Langley

When you provide them with regular maintenance, heat pumps should last about 20 years on average. If you are nearing this threshold and beginning to see more frequent need of repairs, it is possible you may need to consider a new unit. Heat pumps today are more energy-efficient than the heat pumps sold at the beginning of the century. The government has increased the minimum energy efficiency requirements for all heating and cooling units sold in this country. If you do need to buy a new unit, you will save money on your monthly heating and cooling bills due to the new equipment’s greater energy efficiency. Over time, that will offset the cost of the purchase.

There are some typical signs that your heat pump needs repair.
  • Output is not sufficiently cool or warm
  • More cycling on and off than typical
  • Low airflow
  • Unusual smells or sounds
  • Higher energy bills

Don’t wait if you notice these signs, even if they are only intermittent. Heat pumps tend to be very reliable over time. If the unit is not nearing the end of its service life, it could be something small that needs repair. If neglected, though, that small problem could turn into a larger expense as one part’s failure puts stress on other components.

Quality Heat Pump Systems in Langley

Quality Heat Pump Systems in Langley

At Island Heating & Air Conditioning, we have been providing heat pump installations, repairs, and maintenance here in the Langley area for many years. Our technicians are all NATE certified. They receive regular factory training, so they are able to work on all types of heating and cooling systems. We are fair and honest with our customers and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. That is why we have an A+ rating from the BBB. We also regularly have specials for our customers, and we provide financing on approved credit for installations.

Call us at Island Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule heat pump maintenance, installation, or repair in Langley. We will keep your home comfortable year-round!