Clinton, WA, has chilly winters, so you need to seek regular heating maintenance services if you live here. A neglected heating system can break down in the middle of the winter season, exposing your loved ones to frigid temperatures. Low temperatures also lead to pipe bursts and affect the structural integrity of your house. During winter, it’s tough to get HVAC technicians to fix your unit immediately since they are usually busy attending to emergency calls. Therefore, take proactive measures by having our technicians conduct a furnace tune-up so that your system is in optimal working conditions.

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The heating system is one of the most vital components in any household during winter. You will have to run the unit longer in the cold months, so have it serviced to brace it for the workload. Your furnace will work smoothly when well-maintained, saving on utility bills. Note that the heating system accumulates dirt when not in use. These contaminants impede airflow, which affects the unit’s functionality. Such a heating system will have to work hard to maintain the desired indoor temperature, resulting in high energy consumption. During tune-ups, a professional will clean and remove any lingering debris from your unit, which improves performance.

Regular heating system tune-ups also improve indoor air quality. When you turn on a neglected furnace, it circulates contaminants throughout the house. These particles can trigger asthma attacks, allergies and cause other respiratory issues. A technician will clean the unit and the ductwork during tune-ups to eliminate airborne contaminants and maintain healthy indoor conditions.

Additionally, the technician will spot and fix minor issues before they escalate into more significant problems. Heating maintenance involves inspecting and tightening loose electrical connections, which helps prevent fire hazards. The technician will also check the heat exchanger and fix any issues to avoid deadly carbon monoxide leaks. Regular heating system maintenance will help protect the warranty. Most manufacturers require proof of care once you submit a warranty claim. A well-maintained furnace will serve you between 10-15 years. However, a neglected unit may fail sooner than expected, calling for expensive repairs and replacements.

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Some common signs that you need a furnace tune-up includes:
  • Unexplainable spike in utility bills
  • Strange noises
  • Unusual smells
  • Uneven heating

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