If you’ve noticed more dust in your Oak Harbor, WA, home, you might be wondering if it’s time to schedule air duct cleaning. Dirty air ducts reduce heating and cooling system efficiency and make it more difficult to breathe. Use these tips to schedule duct cleaning so that you can enjoy clean indoor air.

General Air Duct Cleaning Recommendations

For most households, professional duct cleaning every three to five years is a wise plan. If your air ducts get filled with debris more frequently than this, there could be some other issue with your heating and cooling system, such as a gap, failed seal or dirty filter. A good way to keep track of the condition of the air ducts is to clean the vent covers once a month. Wipe down the vent covers with a damp microfiber cloth. If you see a lot of buildup in the wall opening, use the vacuum cleaner’s extension hose to remove it. If you can see a lot of buildup in the ducts within a few months, you should have the ducts professionally inspected and cleaned.

Circumstances That Warrant More Frequent Air Duct Cleaning

While three to five years between professional duct cleaning visits is a general recommendation, special circumstances might warrant more frequent cleaning for your home’s ducts. If someone in your household has a respiratory disorder or another chronic health problem, more frequent duct cleaning may be a good idea. For example, severe allergies or asthma triggered by pollen, dust, dander or spores would be good reasons for duct cleaning every one to two years. If you have several dogs or cats, the buildup of dander is another reason to schedule an annual duct cleaning.

Before Installing a New Heating or Cooling System

Before you install a new heating or cooling system, have your ducts professionally cleaned. You might find that the efficiency of your current heating and cooling system improves by a great deal once the obstructions are removed from the ducts. If you’re replacing a broken heating or cooling system and using the existing ducts in your home, it’s still a good idea to have the ducts cleaned. Starting off with clean air ducts ensures that you’ll be able to experience the best possible level of comfort and energy efficiency from the new heating or cooling system.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

If you’ve noticed that your home’s air is stagnant or stale, duct cleaning may help. Dirty ducts may contain debris that generates bad odors when heated air passes through them. If you can see more particles floating in your home’s air, have the ducts cleaned. Even if the particles aren’t infectious, breathing them into your lungs will still cause irritation. If you had an indoor air quality test that showed a high concentration of particulates, duct cleaning should lower their numbers and allow you to breathe easier.

After a Home Renovation

Home renovations create a lot of dust, particles and debris. If you’ve recently had new flooring, drywall, plaster, cabinets or woodwork installed or refinished, have the ducts cleaned before you turn on your heating or cooling system. You should also replace the air filter after home renovations.

Signs You Should Schedule Air Duct Cleaning

If you can see dust and debris in the ducts after removing the vent cover, it’s time for professional cleaning. Dirty air ducts can also hinder the flow of heated or cooled air into your living spaces. If your heating or cooling system cycles more frequently, or your utility bills have increased without you changing the thermostat settings, schedule air duct cleaning. Your heating and cooling system will last longer and have fewer breakdowns when the ducts are clean and in good condition. You should also schedule air duct cleaning if you’ve noticed more respiratory problems, such as coughing or sneezing. If you recently bought your home, and it was previously owned by a smoker, have the ducts cleaned. Duct cleaning is also a good idea if you recently bought a home where pets lived, especially if you’re allergic to dogs or cats.

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January 21, 2021 8:19 pm