AC Cleaning in Oak Harbor, WA

Nothing feels as good as coming in from the heat into a well-conditioned and refreshed house. Good air conditioning is part of what makes your home comfortable in the summer months.

However, as time goes by, you might notice that the excellent air conditioning you experienced shortly after installing the air conditioning system is no more. This could be due to various causes, such as failed components in the unit or simply a lack of cleaning.

Cleaning the AC unit is critical if you want to ensure that your unit is well maintained. Additionally, regular cleaning will help you save your system from expensive repairs. It’ll also minimize electricity costs and keep your home comfortable and pleasant.
Cleaning an air conditioner is a process that involves multiple components. For most air conditioners, cleaning involves the following parts:

  • Indoor AC component that contains the evaporator coils
  • Outdoor AC Component that houses the condenser coil
  • The AC filter

Complete the following steps to successfully clean your air conditioner.

1. Switch Off the Power Supply

An air conditioning unit consists of many electrical parts. For safety purposes, turn off any power supply to the air conditioner components. You can do this at the power breaker unit. This means that you will not have any lighting, so you should do the cleaning during the day. If your indoor component is in a dark part of your house, ensure that you set up enough alternative lighting.

2. Unlock the Interior of Your Unit

The indoor part of your air conditioner often comes with a door that opens into the evaporator. Additionally, you might need to remove any duct tape or screws holding this air conditioning door in place.

3. Clean the Evaporator Coils

Cleaning the debris from your evaporator coils will require soft scrubbing with a soft brush. Some of the materials you might encounter include fine dust, pollen, and dander. Therefore, it is a great idea to ensure that you have the right gear to protect you from inhaling this dirt. In addition to the brush, you will also need to use a no-rinse cleaner. This cleaner is mainly in the form of a spray that will build up foam and then dissolve into the drainage pan of the AC unit.

4. Drain Pan Cleaning

You can use hot water and soap to clean the drain pan. You may also need a bleaching agent to sanitize the pan.

5. Reattach the Access Door and Screw It Back On

Once you complete cleaning the indoor component, reattach the access panel or door, and screw it back on. You can also use a new piece of foil duct tape to attach the panel if the included screws aren’t easily attainable.

6. Clean the Debris in the External Component

If your model doesn’t have a guard that prevents debris from falling from the fan unit, remove the debris by scooping it out or vacuuming it out. For models with a guard, there will be a small amount of debris stuck firmly on the upper side of the fan. You can use a soap and water solution to clean the upper side and eliminate any dirt that could be difficult to remove.

7. Clean the Coils and Straighten the Fins

Cleaning the outdoor component coils requires a solution that you can purchase at your home renovation store. Condenser coil cleaning solutions are very acidic and known to cause scalding. Therefore, make sure you wear protective gear before this process. After the cleaning, straighten the fins and ensure that the fan can rotate without blockage.

8. Clean the Filter

Finally, clean the AC filter by using a vacuum cleaner. Soak the filter in water mixed with regular detergent, and move it around to ensure that it fully absorbs the solution. Spray a solution of water and vinegar on the filter to kill any bacteria, and dry it in the sun.

Skilled, Top-Quality, Reliable Technicians Available

Though cleaning an air conditioner is a task that you can probably do during your spare time, sometimes it can be a bit daunting. Additionally, your unit might get broken in the process. It’s best to contact a certified professional from Island Heating & Air Conditioning to do the cleaning for you. At Island Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer other services such as replacement and installation, maintenance, and repair of heating systems and AC units for Oak Harbor residents. Some other services we offer include duct cleaning services, ductless system service, air purification systems, and indoor air quality audits. For more information, contact us at Island Heating & Air Conditioning and let us serve all of your HVAC needs.

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June 6, 2021 6:14 pm