Mini-Split AC Systems in Coupeville, WAMany homeowners opt for a mini-split AC in Coupeville, WA, rather than the traditional ducted AC; others buy one to supplement their preexisting air conditioning. A mini-split comes with numerous benefits, but first, let’s explain how this unit works. It’s a heat pump, so it can both cool and heat. The way it does so is simple. In cooling mode, which is what we’re concerned with here, the air handler pulls heat out of the interior, and the compressor releases it outside. Connecting the two is a refrigerant line.

These are the same three components that make up a central AC, except for the ducts. There are other differences. The air handler portion is a compact device that’s meant to hang on your wall, and it cools a single room (or shed or garage) only. The refrigerant line is also narrower and can fit through just a three-inch hole in the wall, which the installers will make.

Coupeville Mini-Split AC: The Benefits

A mini-split AC is perfect for room additions and outbuildings as well as for homes that can’t structurally support ductwork: historic homes, for example. And since you can connect up to eight air handlers to one compressor, you could consider mini-splits a viable alternative to ducted AC.

Here are some other benefits:
  • A drastic reduction in energy waste
  • Significantly long life span
  • Greater comfort with directional airflow
  • The ability to create multiple temperature zones
Coupeville Mini-Split AC: The Benefits

You can probably imagine how ducts let a lot of air seep out, even if they’ve been sealed. Mini-splits prevent this waste altogether. With mini-splits, you also won’t waste energy by cooling unoccupied rooms, as would be the case with a central AC. Each air handler comes with its own thermostat. This leads to multi-zone cooling. It’s a great benefit if everyone in your family has a different temperature preference.

Ductless ACs run much more quietly, and though they do need yearly tune-ups, as any comfort unit does, they can last up to 30 years if well-maintained.

Mini-Split Providers Serving Coupeville

Mini-Split Providers Serving CoupevilleFounded in 1982, Island Heating & Air Conditioning has a loyal customer base in Coupeville and the surrounding areas. Many of our regulars turn to us for mini-split repairs and maintenance services. If you’re strongly thinking about installing one or more of these units, turn to us for a free estimate. Rest assured that we’ll arrive punctually for your appointment and provide personalized customer care. This is one of the main reasons why we’ve been able to maintain an A+ rating with the BBB.

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