If you’d like to learn more about thermostat service in Clinton, WA, reach out to Island Heating & Air Conditioning. Thermostats may seem like small parts of HVAC systems, but they really play important roles. After all, they send signals to the heating and cooling systems as to when they should turn on or off. When they work correctly, homes can remain at comfortable temperatures. Unfortunately, issues can arise with thermostats, and when this happens, places can easily get too warm or too cold. This could also lead to increased energy consumption and higher utility bills. If you find yourself with an issue related to your traditional thermostat or smart thermostat, a professional company can figure out the issue and resolve everything.

Standard Thermostat or Smart Thermostat?

Many people in Clinton have thought about whether standard thermostats or smart thermostats may work better for them. Both types of systems will get the job done; it just depends on how much control you’d like to have. You can set the temperature of basic thermostats, and then they’ll work to maintain that temperature until you adjust their settings. In addition, you can find many kinds of programmable thermostats in the market. With these, you can set different temperatures for various times of the day. For example, you may prefer cooler temperatures at night when you’re sleeping and warmer daytime temperatures.

Smart thermostats work in a similar fashion to programmable thermostats. However, you can control them with mobile devices since they can connect to Wi-Fi networks. This gives you so much flexibility, and it allows you to change your settings even when you’re not home. If you’ve been away for a few days, it makes sense that you would lower your set temperature in the winter or raise it in the summer. Shortly before you arrive back at your place, you can change the temperature settings so that your HVAC system can start working to make your place in Clinton more comfortable.

When it comes to the placement of thermostats, you’ll want to consider many factors.
  • Interior wall
  • Out of direct sunlight
  • Away from sources of heat
  • Central position

Exposure to sunlight or the heat generated from large appliances can affect temperature readings, as can the proximity to exterior windows and doors. You’ll have an easier time reading your display if you position your unit somewhere that’s eye level and without any obstructions in its way. A professional can help you wire things properly so that your unit can communicate properly with your heating and/or cooling system.

Reach Out for Thermostat Help in Clinton

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