HVAC services in Oak Harbor, WA

If the air conditioner in your Oak Harbor, Washington home malfunctions or fails, you may be able to sidestep the costs of replacement or repairs. Nearly all AC manufacturers offer five-year product warranties that cover defective parts. However, the only way to enjoy the benefits that these warranties provide is by scheduling routine AC service.

Why Professional AC Service Is Essential

Annual service optimizes the efficiency of air conditioners. When scheduled in spring, these services also prime cooling equipment for the challenges that lie ahead. They give our technicians a chance to identify and address problems early on. This way, minor issues never spiral out of control.

During routine AC service, we replace worn or missing parts, calibrate cooling equipment, and take other measures to limit system stress. Well-maintained AC units last a lot longer than models that never receive professional care, and they’re less likely to require expensive repairs.

If you skip annual maintenance service and your air conditioner breaks down, your AC manufacturer is unlikely to cover your repairs. This remains true even if your AC problems are the result of a manufacturing defect that would otherwise qualify you for coverage. The reason is simple. When you sign a warranty contract or register for a product warranty, you’re entering into a mutually binding agreement.

AC manufacturers agree to pay for the damages that their manufacturing processes or materials are responsible for. You agree to do all that you can to limit the likelihood of claims. This includes performing regular AC filter changes, scheduling routine maintenance services, and making sure that problems are diagnosed and repaired in a timely fashion. Failure on your end to fulfill these or any other requirements that your warranty agreement includes is considered a breach of contract. As a result, your warranty could be voided entirely.

How Do Product Manufacturers Know When AC Service Is Skipped?

When air conditioner problems are diagnosed, their underlying causes are often obvious. For instance, if your air conditioner overheats and shuts down, it may be discovered that a dirty air filter has impeded airflow and operating conditions have exceeded the system’s ability to tolerate stress. Worn components, blocked HVAC air ducts, dirty air registers and vents, and ill-maintained AC condensers are some of the most common signs of homeowner negligence. They’re also among the most common causes of equipment failure. When warranty claims are handled, these factors are recorded and shared as part of standard claims documentation. It’s also important to note that product manufacturers and other companies that issue warranties reserve the right to request proof of maintenance when reviewing, approving, or denying claims.

Product Warranties Aren’t the Only Agreements Affected by Negligence

Even if you’re fully compliant with the terms of your AC manufacturer’s warranty, this agreement isn’t guaranteed to pay for all of your AC problems. Product warranties cover defective parts and manufacturing errors. To get coverage for damages caused by normal wear, you’ll need a home service agreement or home warranty that covers your home systems. If you want coverage for damages caused by perils like floods, lightning strikes, vandalism, or fires, this must come from a home insurance plan.

All of these protections come as part of mutually binding agreements in which policy or warranty issuers make both provisions and requirements. Just as your AC manufacturer has a written standard for expected AC care, your home insurance company and your home warranty company will have standards too. Moreover, the expectations for professional AC maintenance can vary significantly from one agreement to the next.

What Do AC Warranty Issuers Expect?

Although many of the terms and conditions of AC manufacturer warranties are fairly standard, it’s definitely in your best interests to read through your warranty agreement in its entirety. If you have questions about what’s expected of you concerning the installation, maintenance, and repair of your cooling system, give your AC manufacturer a call. You should do the same for your home service agreement and for your home insurance plan.

In general, these agreements require that air conditioners be:

  • Properly sized for their intended service areas
  • Professionally installed
  • Given tune-up service once each year
  • Repaired in a timely fashion
  • Only serviced with original equipment manufacturer parts

It might even be necessary to only hire AC technicians who are authorized to service the specific air conditioner brand that you own. Attempting to perform all of your own AC maintenance tasks, outsourcing work to unlicensed parties, and installing an air conditioner by yourself are all things that could make your manufacturer warranty void.

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April 11, 2023 10:30 pm