Mini-Split AC Systems in Clinton, WAThere’s a reason why so many homeowners purchase a mini-split AC in Clinton, WA. A mini-split cools a single room rather than a whole home, but this is just what many of our customers want. Some installed a room addition and needed cool air for it while others decided to do something about their guest house or attic space. In some instances, the owners of historic homes have an air handler placed in almost every room as an alternative to ducted AC.

Mini-splits are compact systems, but they’re basically heat pumps without ductwork. To cool your room, the refrigerant in the air handler sucks out the warm air, travels through some pipes to the compressor outside, and releases that heat to the outdoors. The air then travels back much cooler. Below, we’ll talk about the benefits of owning one or more of these units.

Buying a Clinton Mini-Split AC

First, you’ll be surprised by how easy it is to install these. The refrigerant line is narrow, and the technicians will create a hole in the wall about three inches in diameter to fit it through. You get to choose where to place your air handler; it can be on the wall or hanging from the ceiling. As for the compressor, this bulky unit should be hidden away if possible. Fortunately, it can be situated up to 50 feet away from the air handler.

Here are the main reasons to buy a ductless AC:
  • Tremendous energy savings
  • Long life expectancy
  • Multi-zone cooling
  • Quiet operation
Buying a Clinton Mini-Split AC

The savings come from the fact that you have no ducts. Ducts are notorious for leaking out air, especially because most homeowners neglect to have these professionally sealed. With mini-splits, though, all the cool air you get stays in your room. The system has a feature called directional airflow that even lets you move that air away from where it’s not needed and onto yourself.

You also have remote access to temperature controls. Every air handler has its own thermostat, which means every room can be set to a different temperature. This is ideal when family members have varying ideas as to what’s the most comfortable setting.

Mini-Split Installation for Clinton Residents

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