Planning for Your HVAC Service Visit

Ideally, you will have someone inspect your home’s HVAC components at least once a year. However, there may be times when you need emergency service or have a specific problem that needs to be resolved. What can you do to make your next service call as effective and efficient as possible? Determine the Scope of the Visit The first question that you should ask is what the purpose of the service call is. If you need an annual inspection, a technician will look at the furnace, air conditioner, and thermostat to make sure that everything is in working order. If you have a specific problem that needs to be resolved, a technician can focus on whatever the issue may be. At in Oak Harbor, we can inspect, maintain, and repair both heating and cooling systems. Therefore, we can fix any problem that your HVAC system may have no matter how large or small it may be. Is a Product Covered Under a Warranty or Service Agreement? If you have a service agreement, an annual inspection may be covered as part of that agreement. If a furnace, heat pump, or condenser unit is under warranty, a repair may be covered per...

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What Your HVAC Repair Will Involve

If you’re currently a homeowner, you can expect your HVAC system to need repairs at some point in time. It’s common for certain parts to eventually malfunction or wear down. A homeowner who’s new to the process may not know what to expect when the technicians arrive. Read on to learn what HVAC repair involves when your system needs attention. Checking the Thermostat Once the professionals arrive at your property, they’ll check the thermostat to ensure there’s not a problem with the settings. They’ll make sure everything is set on the “cool” setting and decrease the temperature to see if this triggers the AC to turn on in the building. There may be a wire that’s malfunctioning that’s causing the issue rather than the HVAC system itself. The technicians may also check the circuit breaker box and flip the switches on and off to determine if this fixes the problem. Inspecting Parts and Equipment The next step of the HVAC repair process is inspecting the parts and equipment. Your service people will investigate probable causes of the issue as they attempt to diagnose the problem. This will include checking the air filter to determine if it’s dirty or needs to...

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What is the Difference Between HVAC and Air Conditioning?

Unless you are a professional electrical technician, it is difficult to differentiate between HVAC and AC. You’re not the only person who gets confused after hearing this lingo. What you need to know is that these are acronyms that are used to denote the electrical systems that regulate heat and cool air on your property. At , we get this question from our customers, especially those who want to invest in these systems for the first time. Here are some differences that will help you to distinguish between the two terms and help you make a sound buying decision. Component Difference HVAC is an acronym that is used to represent heating, ventilation and air conditioning