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When the days are warm in Oak Harbor, you want to use your air conditioning to ensure that your home is comfortable. However, there are times when the equipment might freeze up. That can make your home uncomfortable and put your system at risk for damage. The good news is that knowing why it happens and how to prevent it can reduce the chances of your AC freezing and leaving your home too hot.

Why an AC Freezes Up

Low refrigerant and poor airflow are among the most common reasons an air conditioner freezes up. To cool the air, warm air goes over the air conditioner’s evaporator coils. There is refrigerant inside the coils that absorbs the heat so that the air becomes cool. These coils can get too cold if the refrigerant is low or there is an airflow restriction. As the coils get too cold, the condensation that accumulates on them will eventually freeze.

Signs of AC Freeze Up

There are several main signs that can occur when your air conditioner is freezing. Reduced airflow is common. If you are near a vent and you notice that the airflow is weak or it feels warmer than usual, this could indicate that your system is freezing up.

If you can see the evaporator coils or refrigerant lines, look for visible ice building up on them. You might also notice some water leaking from your indoor unit. This means the ice that built up is starting to melt.

Low refrigerant levels are one of the most common reasons for freeze up. When refrigerant is low, you might hear bubbling or hissing noises.

Handling an AC Freeze Up

If you suspect that your air conditioning system is freezing up, the first thing you should do is turn it off. Next, call an HVAC professional so that they can come and inspect the equipment. They will be able to determine the issue and let you know what is necessary to fix it.

Preventing AC Freezing

Have a professional inspect and maintain your air conditioning system about once a year. During this appointment, they will check your refrigerant level and the adequacy of your airflow. Cleaning your coils is another part of the process that will make heat exchange more efficient and reduce the risk of the system freezing up.

When you are adjusting your thermostat, do so gradually. This will allow your system to work steadily so that it is not under stress. You might also consider a programmable thermostat for efficient temperature adjustments.

Your home needs good ventilation and insulation to keep your air conditioning system in good condition. There is a reduced load on your AC when you have proper home insulation since this prevents hot air from getting in and causing you to need to lower your AC temperature to stay cool.

Unrestricted airflow is also imperative to keep your home cool and your AC running efficiently. Check your registers and vents to make sure that there is nothing in front of them obstructing the flow of air.

The condensate drain line needs to be clear to ensure proper drainage. If the condensate accumulates, it may freeze. Algae and debris can build up causing a blockage in the line.

For your outdoor unit, having shade around it helps to reduce the pressure on your system. When your unit is running efficiently, it is less likely to freeze up. Just make sure that any shade you use does not obstruct the unit and that air can flow in freely. If you do have plants in the area, trim them so that they are not smothering the unit.

Your AC unit needs to be the right size. There is a higher risk of freezing with an oversized unit. This is because a system that is too big is prone to short cycling.

Air Conditioning Experts in Oak Harbor

Cold air conditioning is essential during the warm months in Oak Harbor. Our team at Island Heating & Air Conditioning can quickly assess your system and determine why it is freezing up. Once we do this, we will let you know what it takes to get it back in good working order. Before the weather gets cold, do not forget to ask us about the heating services that we offer so that you are comfortable during all seasons. We handle a complete range of HVAC installation, repair, and maintenance.

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October 19, 2023 6:21 pm