Unless you are a professional electrical technician, it is difficult to differentiate between HVAC and AC. You’re not the only person who gets confused after hearing this lingo. What you need to know is that these are acronyms that are used to denote the electrical systems that regulate heat and cool air on your property.

At Island Heating & Air Conditioning, we get this question from our customers, especially those who want to invest in these systems for the first time. Here are some differences that will help you to distinguish between the two terms and help you make a sound buying decision.

Component Difference

HVAC is an acronym that is used to represent heating, ventilation and air conditioning<. It is an all-inclusive package that makes our living areas comfortable. As you can see, an HVAC system regulates the heat inside the houses and conditions air inside our rooms. On the other hand, the air conditioner mostly referred to as AC, is primarily used in air conditioning. It is that aspect of the entire HVAC system that regulates air inside the building.

Functional Difference

As you have seen, an air conditioning system is specifically made to regulate the air inside the room. It has evaporators and duct systems that help it radiate hot air from the house and connect it to the outside, through tubes. It has a condenser that aids in cooling hot air from the outside and channeling it into the house for cooling purposes.

On the other hand, an HVAC system is comprehensive electrical equipment that can perform all the tasks, which may include, heating, cooling, ventilating and even air conditioning. Some HVAC systems have been modernized so that they sense heat and weather changes and regulate air without your input.

If you feel that your HVAC systems are not operating as you would have expected, Island Heating & Air Conditioning in Oak Harbor, WA, is here to help you. We can help in indoor air quality, duct cleaning, furnace repair and much more. Call us for a scheduled appointment.

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February 20, 2019 10:05 pm